Design Department founded on 2018 June, which former is Architecture Design Team One, mainly working on architecture design, old building renovation, interior design. Over these years, Design Department totally accomplished nearly 100 projects. Besides those losing bid projects, others almost have all been build. Main building type includes school, commercial complex, business office building, hotel, culture center, library, sports arena, hospital and such public buildings.

Under the leading of company leaders, Design Department always insists on original architectural design, seeks nature and human history resource from special environment of every project, and creates distinct region characteristic buildings based on the above. This has become the common architecture value of the team. Design Department emphasizes on responsible service consciousness, equal and open communication atmosphere, strict and concrete working attitude, and team spirit of solidarity and friendship. The Department attracts young excellent designers every years, and accepts many excellent interns, also nourishes and transports many mainstay personal for the company. Besides constant professional learning and training, the Department takes part in academic forum, exhibition, observation inside and outside the country, also publishes portfolio and academic thesis, forming an active design team with pursue and good reputation.

Currently Design Department contains two architectural design teams and one interior design team.
Dalian Institute of Urban and Architecture Design Co., Ltd