Planning and Landscape Department contains 5 design teams, which are 2 planning teams, 1 masterplan team and 2 landscape design team, forming good personal echelon, planning, landscape, masterplan major balance. Planning major main responsible persons all have Certified Planners, senior engineer title and over 10 years of project practical experience. The Department is an ideal plat for designers.
The design direction of Planning Department is economical society development planning, city overall planning, regulatory planning, city construction planning, all kinds of site planning, all kinds of special item planning, such aspects consult, design and research. The technique advantage of the Department is urban design and implement planning design. The Department has obtained many Liaoning Province excellent project survey design urban planning prize.
Planning Department is a team which is good at thinking and positive innovative learning, not only familiar with all kinds of traditional planning, also good at handling new type, complicated unconventional projects. Members of the Department hold in esteem of devoting to work, enjoying life, everywhere is the fountain of observation and thinking. The Department cooperates, enlightens, improves and gains more practical experience, obtaining much wide market acknowledge.
Landscape Department
Now contains 14 designers, including 4 senior engineers, 8 engineers, 1 foreign design principle. Service rage contains park, urban public landscape, residence landscape, commercial landscape, culture and sports landscape such aspects. Over these years, the Department has accomplished almost 100 projects, gained several province and city excellent design prize, obtained good reputation in the industry. The one stop service for the investors covers from design to construction drawings to site service.
The atmosphere inside the Department is positive, full of team work. This is an active, full of pursue, positive team. The Department emphasizes on promotion on working ability. They often organize survey any communication learning, insists on design, promotes design efficiency and quality, emphasize strict and dedicating working attitude and service consciousness. The Department strive for high level design produces and excellent design service for customer.
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